Eros is a fictional planet similar to Earth in terms of natural habitat but far greater in size. How humans came to live there is a complete mystery. It serves as the setting for many short tales and epic stories.

The year is 2037 and the planet of Eros is in a state of flux.

A science fiction detective comic series set in the futuristic urban metropolis known as Capitol City. Agent Sykes is assigned to special task force Black Raven, whose sole purpose is to catch the mysterious Phantom Killer. The citizens of Capitol City live in fear, as every day new bodies are discovered brutally mutilated. With each new chapter of the story, Sykes gets closer to revealing the truth and uncovering the killer’s identity. (Comic Series)
The story begins when a young man awakens in a village with no memory of who he is or where he comes from. In his dreams, he sees visions from another lifetime and universe. His quest to find the truth will take him on an epic journey through a vast and mysterious planet. He’s on a collision course to face his destiny and do battle with the ultimate evil. (Book Series)
Coming Soon (Comic Series)
An anthology of short stories from Capitol City. A group of teenagers struggle to survive in the cruel desolate wasteland of Sector 13. (Comic Series)