Will Wallner – Creator / Writer

Will Wallner is a musician, entrepreneur, and author. He grew up in South West England and spent many years living in Los Angeles as a rock musician. He loves nothing more than to spend time with his animals or to plug a Les Paul into a loud Marshall amplifier. Whether he’s recording new music, starting a new business, or writing a new book, he is always in the process of creating something new. That is what inspires him. For more information visit

Jhomar Soriano – Artist (Wild Frontier)

Render Contender – Artist / Colorist (Wild Frontier / Victims of the Future)

Cary Quest – Artist (Victims of the Future / Love & Violence)

C. Thomas Anderson – Artist (Victims of the Future)

Xeviuss – Logo Design (Victims of the Future)

Reinhard Buhisan – Letterer (Wild Frontier / Victims of the Future / Love & Violence)