AGE: 35

BIO: The lead Agent of Black Raven. Agent Sheridan rose to through the ranks of the CCPD extremely quickly due to his extremely high success rate of solving murder cases. He has been unofficially awarded the title of 'Boss Slayer' after he took down one of Capitol City's most dangerous crime lords during the 'Witherfall Murder Case' in Sector II. Despite his skills as an Agent, he is been accused of having anger management issues and several incidents have been documented of Agent Sheridan being verbally abusive towards suspects, witnesses and fellow Agents. Some have criticized the CCPD board of directors as giving 'special treatment' to Agent Sheridan and choosing to ignore these incidents due to Sheridan's unmatched case success rate.

AGE: 43

BIO: The most decorated criminal psychologist in the CCPD, Agent Foley has profiled countless serial killers over his twenty plus years working in Sector IX. His position in Black Raven is to act as direct support to Agent Sheridan. The CCPD board of directors felt Foley's maturity and calm demeanor would complement Sheridan's sometimes brash attitude. Agent Foley had already began forming potential personality profiles of the Phantom Killer before joining Black Raven.

AGE: 32

BIO: Agent Kendra is the only member of Black Raven to originally be assigned to the Sector VII Precinct. Years of experience working in the gang related crimes division have earned her the reputation as one of the toughest interrogators within the CCPD. It is said she is able to 'break' even the most hardened gang members. She was chosen primarily due to her knowledge and familiararity of the 'gang scene' in Sector VII. The CCPD board of directors felt someone with 'street experience' within Sector VII would be vital for Black Raven.

AGE: 24

BIO: Agent Valentines expertises as a forensics and ballistics analyst are unparalleled along with her academic background. During her studies she was described and somewhat of a 'wunderkind' and immediately drafted to the military division in Sector X after graduating. The CCPD board of directors requested her specifically for Black Raven and arranged her temporary transfer from the military to the CCPD. It is believed she will most likely return to her original assignment in Sector X after the conclusion of the Phantom Killer case and Black Raven is disbanded. Little is known about her background as her work for the military is classified.


AGE: 27

BIO: Soon after being promoted to Agent, Sykes was asigned to a long distance asignment on the Isle of Losinj. The details of the case, titled Operation Losinj, have been sealed and classified by the CCPD. Sykes record shows no activity for the follwing year after the conclusion of the case. Sykes whereabouts during this time are unknown. The next entry in his police record shows his asignment to Special Task Force Black Raven. Agent Sykes was a late addition to the team and the reason for his inclusion are unknown. The orders came directly from the CCPD board of directors.